Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where has May gone?

W is flying to Oregon today, and all month long I have said "oh, that isn't until the last week of May..." well, it's here. I'm praying for peace and strength today. Malerie, I don't know how you do it while Kevin is away. I suppose I'm just a big baby!

Where to start? Two weeks ago a sweet friend took me to the Westin Heavenly Spa in Huntsville. We had 50 minute massages and 50 minute pedicures. It was such a treat! They make you feel like a million bucks there. Thankfully I was so relaxed that when I came home that afternoon, I was able to stay up all night with Sam. Her first tooth cut through the next day! Such a big milestone in a little girl's life!

The next Monday I did what has not been done in ages... I went shopping... for me! I knew a big trip was coming, I just didn't know when. I wanted to wait until all of my weight was off, but summer came first so I needed to go. I usually never shop for myself (for practical reasons like, eh, money) and make sure everyone has what they need, but this was a me-day. I'm so grateful!! I went to Kohls in Franklin, and I got some great deals. And... I'm wearing shorts this summer! For the first time in 4 years. Thank you Jesus that you healed my knees!!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. We spent it at the river with W's parent's all except Saturday night/ Sunday (came back for church). I have to say, Monday was definitely my favorite though. We literally sat on the dock and boat for most of the day. T-Pup rode in the paddle boat, went fishing and overall had a wonderful time. Sam loved everything except the life jacket when we went for the boat ride. W spent some time on the jet ski, and I just relaxed and spent time in the sun. Oh, and I saw a two foot spotted gar. At first I thought it was a snake, then an alligator... then I finally saw the dorsal fin. Ew. You know how much I love these things called fish, right?

I really feel like the Lord is about to download some major stuff to me. I am more broken now than I have been in a long while... and I am looking forward to new revelation. I want to teach our children to hear the voice of God, to know the stillness His presence brings.
You know, all of these things on earth will pass away (except our spirits)...but He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I want my kids to know that.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yeah David Cook!

He has our votes!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Show me some love!

Ok, so I have a new feature. Live traffic feed! Everywhere from Auburn to NY to Massachusetts... tell me who ya are! I know I love blog-stalking... but it can be kind of freaky too, you know? Show a sister some love and tell me about yourselves.

one of those days

Wow, what a Monday. It's days like these that discourage me. We did all of our laundry Saturday (our dryer is out, so we've been doing it all at once, one day a week at Whitney's parents house) and the house has stayed relatively clean, so I thought we would have a more relaxed, fun day.

I cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast, and got my shower. I then got the children ready to go to the park. We played for a good 25-30 minutes, when T-pup told me he had to use the potty. We go in to the bathroom... nothing. We go out, continue to play, when I hear "mama, I think I need to poop" so, we begin the trek again to the potty. Half way there... "I pooped". Sigh. We go to the bathroom, I clean him up as much as possible. We get in the car, drive home. Pull up, wonderful... we're locked out of the house. We then drive to the church, get a key, drive back home. I start getting T's lunch ready, and cut my finger with the scissors. (Rant: I hate these injuries because they look so little but hurt so bad!)

So, I stop the blood (ok, it wasn't quite that bad) and everyone eats lunch. Whitney is home by now, and wants to go outside to hit a few golf balls after he finishes eating... so T asks to go with him. Next thing I know, T is coming in crying and has peed all over himself.

Bath time.

My day got much easier after all of this, but I hate it because by 1:30, I felt entirely spent. I had no motivation to do anything else around my house, and my mood wasn't that great either. I told myself it wasn't worth it to get all worked up, so I laid down with the kids for a nap.

I jokingly told Whitney that he could stay home, and I would go finish his work for the day... but I don't know how much I was joking. I love being a stay-at-home-mom, but some days I think it would be nice to have an off day. Oh wait, I'm going to have on this Saturday. Thank you Jesus, just in time! My sweet friend Susan is taking me to the Spa. I can hardly wait.

Sorry for the complaints!

Busy as a bee

We had such a great week last week. It started Monday when I took the children to see my sweet, very pregnant friend Shelby and her son Gabriel. They live north of Nashville, so it was a fun day out.

Tuesday evening Whitney had a meeting in Nashville, so we again tagged along and went to the Cool Springs Galleria while he was in his meeting. I had our double stroller and was wearing my new fit-flops and truly felt in control walking through the galleria. It was such a good feeling! Really up until now I've had a hard time getting out with both kids and not being overwhelmed.

Wednesday was normal (church, etc.) and Thursday we went to the zoo in Nashville with my friend and her 2 children. It rained the whole time. Thankfully, my double stroller is very well water resistant and SA stayed completely dry. She just cried the whole time. Afterwards, we went to Chick-Fil-A in Cool Springs, and saw Melinda Doolittle! She is just as cute in person as she is on TV. By the way, the new coffee caramel milkshake at CFA is nothing short of amazing.

Friday (coming to a close, haha) afternoon some friends asked us to eat with them in Franklin. They were not bringing their children, so were able to fit a sitter for Thomas, and just took SA with us. I forgot what it is like to just have a baby and go out to eat. She slept over half the time in her carseat carrier! We had a great dinner with our friends and laughed... a lot! I think we needed that!

Saturday, we slept late and recovered from our four trips to Nashville. We had a big breakfast of bacon and biscuits, and did laundry all day.

Sunday brought Mother's Day, and I throughly enjoyed all of the royal treatment. I could use a Mother's Day once a month!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

we did it!

Country Music Half Marathon 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Easter pics

These are a few pics from Thomas hunting easter eggs on Resurrection Sunday at our family gathering. I do want to say... I am still grieving that we did not take a family picture in our "Sunday Best". If I may be so proud, we were a good looking group! Both the children were in little smocked outfits (who knew I would ever be such a fan? I never would have imagined.) and I was able to buy a new outfit (the first in a while), and Whit had a nice shirt/tie combo with his suit. I know that going to church is not about what you wear, but as I've seen on "What Not To Wear", you feel better about yourself when you look good. Know what I mean? At any rate, Whitney said we could re-create our fashion for that day and take a family picture.

First Foods

So, we have arrived. SA will be 6 months this week, and we're working on foods now. Wow, I never knew it would be such a difficult task with her! Thomas started eating and hasn't stopped. She does not like anything she puts her mouth to (except the mama's milk, of course!). I usually try to introduce veggies first, then fruits... because obviously if you have the sweeter fruits first, who will want a veggie after that? But, she doesn't like either. I really pushed the "baby foods" with Thomas, but now I know that she'll eat when she is ready.

I gave her a piece of zwieback toast last night, and she did great with it. So, we will get there! At least I know for a fact that she is getting all the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


This story absolutely amazes me! I'm so excited to once again realize that God puts the pieces of our lives together in such a greater way than we could ever imagine.

On February 3rd, I had a dream about a dear friend of ours. She was recently engaged at that point, and the next morning I immediately e-mailed her the dream. This is what my e-mail said:

In my dream, it was the day before your wedding and I had come to see you. You had a specific “day before the wedding cake” and it was a blueberry cheesecake, and we were eating it together. Instead of walking down the aisle, you were coming in on a row boat, so we were also decorating the lily pads in the water with candles and pearls. It was a sweet time together, and the cheesecake was amazing!

This morning, I begin my daily routine and checked my e-mail. I saw this friend's name in my inbox, and immediately opened the message. This is what her e-mail said:

I was rereading the dream you had! I would like to invite you for the day before the wedding cheese cake with me and who ever else is around! I am going to have one made and I know my time will be so tight that day before the wedding but if you would like to come to the cove that day and help with all that will be going on I would love to have you around for a few hours! I know that you have two little ones and this may not be a possibility but I will have the cheesecake there and you are welcome! Also I just was thinking about the wedding and yesterday we decided to use the Cove. I took David out to see it! He wasn't crazy about it but He liked it better than the church! So He wanted me to do what I wanted! I chose the Cove! He picked the spot for the ceremony! Just to be honest the spot He picked made no sense to me but I am learning to compromise and not have to have everything my way! This I know you have learned already, I think I have in alot of area's but when it comes to planning the wedding day it is a little tough! But I think this isn't my day it is our day! I say all that to say He picked infront of the Pond next to the Lodge! I really wanted it a different spot but I didn't make a big deal about it! Then a few hours ago I started thinking about your dream and I thought I need to read that again! And when I read it I laughed, I may not do the boat thing but I think the rest of it I will try to live out! I love the PROPHETIC! It was like He picked the right spot, when I read that dream of yours! So let's eat some Blueberry Cheesecake and decorate some things to go in the pond and have a blast! And maybe if I am brave enough I will come in on a boat!!!

Is that not amazing? God is faithful and good! I love love love that he knits us all together in His Holy Spirit. There is always a bigger picture than what we see.

2 year old fun!

I originally feared the age of two years old. We've all heard the old adage "terrible twos". You know, it doesn't have to be true! I'm sure many people experience this for different reasons, but life with our two year old is a blessing and a blast. He melted down (extremely) this past Saturday night for the first time in over 7 months. Praise God! If I had to say now my guess for what he would be when he grows up, I would say engineer without a doubt. Everything he puts his little hands to is a project; he goes to great measure to insure preciseness and creativity. I love it.

Ok, well he and Whitney went to the Home Depot children's workshop for the first time this past Saturday. We heard from a friend in our church about this event every first Saturday of the month, so the anticipation was definitely there. They went to eat breakfast at a small local restaurant, then headed to HD. The project was a flower box, and Thomas did all the hammering himself. What a big boy!

The next thing I wanted to mention was a conversation we had this past Thursday. I was eating an orange, and some juice spilled on me....

me: uh oh, some orange juice spilled on me
him: like apple juice?
me: yeah, but only from an orange
him: oh
me: do you know where apple juice comes from? is it a banana?
him: no, it's the refrigerator

I laughed hysterically! He is so literal, it cracks us up constantly.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from in. Proverbs 22:6